Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Anglian and Konect Service Revisions

308 AU11EPF working the 53 on St Stephens
Street last month.
A bit behind, but please forgive me as I'm currently on holiday in a hot and sunny Croatia! Hopefully I'll be publishing some of my bus shots from across Europe, as it took three days to drive here with stops in many countries which gave me the opportunity to take some bus photos.

Go-Ahead owned sister companies Anglian and Konect have announced some service revisions which will take place from September 1st. Rather than go into all the detail here, I will advise you to go over to their websites to see the official changes. They include timetable and route amendments, whilst service 53 Wroxham to Tuckswood will transfer to Konect, along with Anglian's five remaining Optare Versas.

ex-Anglianbus Optare Tempo 414 YJ55BLX is also due to depart for a repaint at some point within the next week.

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