Sunday, 31 August 2014

London Visit ~ Part 1

Last Saturday (23rd), I set off from my home town, Great Yarmouth, to London, for an annual holiday with my mum. It was a great getaway & I really enjoyed the hustle & bustle of London's streets, Underground & travel system, and the attractions.

Journey there:
After a small delay departing Great Yarmouth by Train we set off for Norwich- Arriving there at 12:17. Moving to platform 3 we caught our next service- The 12:30 Norwich to London service. Arriving on time into London we travelled on the Tube- To Bank then onto Waterloo. Catching a SouthWestTrains Class 444 we realised our holiday had begun!

Sunday 24th:
I set off for an open top bus tour, An Arriva president which I can't unfortunately remember the identification of! (Photos to hopefully follow). Travelling around London I saw many of the sights- London Eye, Big Ben (Not the bell itself though!), Buckingham Palace, Aldwych, Tower Bridge & Leicester Square to name a few. Travelling back home on the line out of Waterloo on a 6-Car Class 159 formation. It's surprising how many London tour buses there are- approximately 6 routes in total operating around the city (Original Tour, Golden Tour, Big Bus, Duck Tour, Etc..), Using a range of open top buses- Presidents, ALX400s, Scanias, and many more! Photos to follow

Rest of the week to follow in the next few parts.


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