Thursday, 30 October 2014

Since Our Last Update

Evening All, This is Harry signing in just to inform you that we're still here! I myself haven't got much time to post to the blog due to other blog commitments, but I'll certainly try! Today 20515 was out operating on Standby Rail Replacements. 60622 has appeared quite a lot on route 1 & 8 over the last few weeks & so have the 3 Last remaining Renown's - 66126, 60813 & 60814. Sisters 60808 & 60809 are both now obviously driver trainers and are based in Norwich keeping 20122 company! Finally, I conclude this post with a few photos of 43861, which is likely to be withdrawn/transferred along with sisters when the 6 StreetLites enter service in Great Yarmouth (other 6 are for Norwich)
At James Paget Hospital earlier this month
Will be a shame to see them go
Could they end up in Ipswich?

They'd never see use on Bernard Matthews contracts would they?

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