Monday, 10 November 2014

Fleet Update ~ FirstGreat Yarmouth

The first two of Eastern Counties twelve 10.8 meter version of Wright Streetlite's door forward variant have arrived in the county and are currently at Roundtree Way depot being prepped for service. Whilst out in the city today I thought I'd try my luck at visiting the depot to go and have a sneak peek. Thanks to the engineering staff there, I was allowed in and shown around the garage. 

47502 SN64CPV sittin in one of the bays awaiting preperation.
the inside features full leather seating and bright interior lights.

the rear view, with yellow tape covering up the registration.
Alongside 4750247501 SN64CPU was also present, in the corner of the garage by a large yellow machine, which made photographing it rather difficult. Although it was expected that this batch would be replacing Yarmouth's ex-Jersey Caetanos, this is disputed as the most common belief is that the remaining Renowns are on their way out. I guess we'll wait and see!

I'll finish with a shot of recently refurbished 60808 S659RNA which is now used as a driver trainer, featuring a rather eye catching livery.

60808 S659RNA outside in Roundtree Way's yard.
Thanks to the engineering staff at First for allowing me to have a wonder.

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