Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fleet Update ~ FirstNorwich

What?! One post the next day after the other?! What's going on! Again I must apologise for the lack of posts recently, I've been snowed under at work and haven't found the time to do it! I'm settling down now though and have promised to myself to try harder. So here goes!

It emerged some weeks ago that FirstSheffield had sent a Plaxton President on loan to Norwich to cover whilst ours were away for repaint. The bus suffered some engine faults and therefore wasn't used for some time. This week though, the loanee 33126 LT02NVO has been spotted on the road, and Omar Atiallah has kindly allowed us to use a photograph he took of it on the road. The bus was also surprisingly sporting Norwich Network fleetnames, which don't seem to fit the new livery however I am assured that this is a temporary measure and the bus will be returning home after Norwich's fleet repaint program is complete.

Meanwhile, East Norfolk Bus Blog reveals that 33154 LR02LXN is the next bus to receive the new paintjob, whilst Norwich Buses Blog report that 33166 LR02LYD is due back from Rotherham on Friday. Follow the links for more info.

And if you thought that was enough for one day, we've updated our FirstNorwich fleet list accordingly! Click here to download it.

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