Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fleet Update ~ FirstNorwich

As yet unreported on this blog is the latest repaint to enter service in the fine city. Plaxton President 33154 LR02LXN was repainted at Simon Morris in Ipswich, which is where all the standard liveried buses will go. What we weren't expecting was that she has re-entered service minus complete branding. Whilst she is missing her pink stripes, the most notable thing is the use of grayscale fleetnames. There are a few rumours dotted around that explain the reason for this but as nothing has yet been confirmed to myself or Harry, we'll just have to say lets wait and see.

Meanwhile, my flickr account is now active once more and I'm in the process of uploading photographs from my inactive period. At least five a day will be going up so rememeber to check back here each evening for new and unseen photos. In the long term, our gallery pages will also be updated to incorperate new, altered and withdrawn routes.

Thanks to Grahame Bessey for kindly allowing me to republish his photograph of 33154 below. It remains copyright to him.

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