Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fleet Update ~ NorfolkGreen

As reported elsewhere, a number of days ago Optare Solos 47881 X249VWR & 47884 Y58HBT departed the NorfolkGreen Fleet, headed for Stagecoach Carlisle where they'll be placed into the corporate Stagecoach colours. These Optare solos have been replaced by NorfolkGreens newer & smaller version solos - 47273 GX55DXM, 47244 GX55DXO and 47245 GX55DXP. NBB reports that solo Y57HBT is also expected to soon transfer to Carlisle. Furthermore, ALX400 LX03BWA has also joined the fleet in NG Livery.

Meanwhile GX10HBU 27642, An Enviro300, has entered the fleet in the NorfolkGreen livery. This is one of 6 buses entering service with NorfolkGreen to replace their IrisBus Agora Lines which became exceedingly expensive to operate. These AgoraLines were originally in the Park & Ride fleet at Norse but were replaced by Presidents when the P&R Contract was renewed.

Andy's Bus Blog reports that Olympians NDZ3020 & WVT618 from Stagecoach South (SouthWestTrains Livery) and R161HHK have all returned home from their short term loan to NG.

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