Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Spotting Special!

Many of you may not be aware that this Friday, St Stephens Street will be permanently closed to general traffic. This will mean that our job as bus photographers will be a hell of a lot easier this weekend! Unfortunately, I'm off to London on Saturday as my mother visited our capital city for the first time in thirty five years a few weeks back and got so excited she decided to book a family trip without telling me! So whilst I'm trying to photograph as many wrapped Borismasters as I can, Harry and I would like you guys to be out in force taking photographs of buses on St Stephens, without any cars in them! Whoever sends us the photo of the most identifiable buses in one photo (by reg or by fleet no.) will get a special mention. So good luck, and enjoy yourselves!

Hurrah! There should be less of this from this Friday coming due to changes the local government have made to
help getting around the city easier.

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