Monday, 24 November 2014

StreetLite Duo

The StreetLites in Yarmouth definitely seem to be the headline around the enthusiast part of our region this week, and whilst the first two in Norwich won't enter service until at least December, I popped up to Yarmouth again today to try and complete my First checklist and managed to do so by photograph 47504 SN64CPY for the first time in service. 

47504 on Priory Plain in the working the 2 in the winter's sun.
Some may now be thinking why does the title say "duo" at the end, when clearly there was only one StreetLite left to enter service. Well today I managed to photograph two StreetLites in one photo! I feat that has already been accomplished by some enthusiasts, but not by me. So here is my photo of 47503 SN64CPX and 47505 SN64CPZ lining up just before the market gates operating the 7 and the 2 respectively.

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