Saturday, 22 November 2014

StreetLite Special

Yesterday I met up with fellow blogger Harry during one of his college breaks to see if we could spy the last four StreetLites to enter service in Great Yarmouth. We later found out that 47504 SN64CPY was being used in Norwich for something so after that initial disappointment we made our way to my favourite spotting place by Sainsbury's to see if we could spot the rest. We must have only been there about 45 minutes and in that period of time we could tick them all off as photographed. I hadn't quite planned to have seen them all so quickly so I found myself with a bit of spare time on my hands; and Harry didn't need to go back to college for about another hour so after some discussion about where to go next we headed up to Gorleston sea front on board 47501 SN64CPU. I disembarked and waited for her to turn around and head back the other way to attempt my first shot of a bus with the sea in the background. Although it wasn't the brigtest of days, I'm still pretty pleased with how it turned out.

47501 on Marine Parade in Gorleston.
47503 SN64CPX heading towards Barrack Estate on service 4

47505 SN64CPZ passing Sainsbury's on the 5

and finally, the last in the batch is 47506 SN64CRF which spent the day working the 6s and 7s.

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