Sunday, 30 November 2014

Updates ~ Reynolds, Swift, Ambassador, Anglian & Konect

Seen as First have been mostly in the spotlight on NBP, I thought I'd update you all on the other operators (including independent ones that we haven't done in ages!) and actually just make a small post to keep you informed on small changes and experiences noted over the past few weeks.

Firstly, I begin with Reynolds Coaches of Caister. I passed along Southtown Road the other day (believe it was Thursday) and BX55FYO, Their Mercedes Benz Coach named Lady Emma-Grace, was parked up in the Tyre Place next to the Swift Depot (SouthTown Road). Naturally, I assume she was getting new tyres? Meanwhile, Lady Samantha, One of their Volvo B10 VanHools, Is up for sale.  I've noted the 2 Paragons that have recently joined the fleet seem to be used quite a lot. Notably, I see them both mainly on a School Contracts to Great Yarmouth College every Thursday!

Swift Coaches haven't seemed to use AE07NZC, A Mercedes Vario, as much. Whenever I've passed their depot on my way to college every weekday, over the past few months, she's still been sat in the same place.

Not much news to report for Ambassador from my knowledge. 611 S305SET seems to have been on the Asda Shuttle quite a lot the past few weeks and solo 604 MX54WME seems to be on the 607. Their ex-national express Paragon & black Paramount are notably on East Norfolk Sixth Form services.

AnglianBus - On the 18th of this month Trident T811RFG went to Hedingham for spares. Sister Company Konect Bus has also lost a trident to Hedingham - W823NNJ.

Anglianbus 513 (now 711) T811RFG on the 121 (now konect's 51) during it's early stages of duty.

I'll aim to keep you updated on smaller operators from now on, who seem to be missed out of the news!

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