Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014; End of Year Review ~ Part 1 of 3

Welcome to Part 1; It's time to take a journey down Memory Lane. In January, P656UFB was donated to the Norfolk Fire Service, whilst Ambassador acquired a new addition for their National Express Contract. In addition, Stagecoach began to leave their marks after acquring Norfolk Green. As expected, Anglian Bus also created an enthusiast section on their page, just like sister Konect Bus. 

There were a number of rare occurrences in January.

February began with FirstBus E400 SN60CAA 33423 returning from Full Circle in her new livery. She was immediately pressed into service on the X1. This was followed by Sanders introducing their 42 service. BorderBus commenced their first service, the 521. Norfolk Green had one of their many solos, 618 MX54WMJ, repainted. When it returned, it was first seen by Contributor Joe working the X29 today with external Stagecoach fleet numbers.

In Spring, Konect acquired an Open Top Olympian (R739XRV) for their Route 22 which would commence in the summer. Meanwhile, unfortunately, Solo 901 VX51RJZ caught fire. After some repairs it was back in service! 

Numerous FirstBuses also had adverts applied - 4 Darts advertise Yarmouth College and 32061 & 2 Geminis advertise Wilco. 

Sanders took over Neaves bus services and bought all their buses. 

Anglianbus Scania OmniLinks 550 AO57EZM and 552 AO57HCD both had their 588 route branding removed in April. Meanwhile, Sister company Konect saw 951 AU07KMK enter service with vinyls! Finally from me today, FirstNorwich's 66332 MV02VBX re-entered service after being repainted into the new livery.

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