Friday, 12 December 2014

FirstNorwich Replacement Vinyls

Last week, I received an email from reader and contributor Reece. He has written a long and detailed report about his sightings of Norwich's fleet. Many of you have probably noticed the strange branding which has been appearing on the upper deck windows, but it seems First have noticed as well and have been on a spending spree replacing them.

Presidents 33057 LN51GJJ, 33151 LR02LXK and 33238 LT52WVG have had plain white Norwich Network vinyls applied, whilst Orange Line branded 33161 LR02LXW has had it's vinyl replaced again as the original replacement had the text so near the top it was pretty much touching the fram of the vehicle. 33169 LR02LYJ has also had her Orange vinyl re-applied after several months without it.

33169 has had her vinyl on the top deck replaced, but is seen here on St Stephen's without it earlier this year.
On the Gemini front, 36169 BD11CFO, 36170 BD11CFP and 36177 BD11CGF have had their Blue Line vinyls reapplied along with 36167 BD11CFM, but this time with the smaller font that's used on the side windows. A similar thing happened to 36180 BD11CDZ after it came back from it's stint on the X1. 36166 BD11CFK has also had her's reapplied, but at a noticeably slanted angle. Going the other way is 36178 BD11CDX who has lost her "Blue Line Blue Line" replacement vinyl and is currently awaiting the correct one, alongside 36169 BD11CDY who has had her plain blue vinyl removed and is also currently awaiting a replacement.

Reece also sent me a photo he took of 36179, now missing her recently applied plain blue vinyl.
Reece also provided me with some pretty impressive facts. On the Red Line, every single bus still has the original top deck window vinyl, although 33158 LR02LXT and 33004 LK51UZT have both lost their destination screen vinyl.

Whilst on the subject of branding, both of Norwich's recently acquired Enviro200s have had some Purple Line branding applied. I was later informed by Firt's Business Manager that the branding is only temporary until the buses get repainted towards the end of next year.

A big thanks to Reece for providing such an extensive report and for the accompanying photograph which remains copyright to him.

Update ~ 13th December 2014.
Furthermore, Sam L has informed us (and corrected us on our original statement) that 36175 BD11CFZ also does not carry it's original vinyl either. Thanks Sam! *Harry

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