Monday, 1 December 2014

FirstNorwich StreetLite Special

Well I say special, but it didn't go quite to plan this morning at the depot when they seemed to forget that they could use the two new buses today. However to keep us happy, they were thrown out at about nine o'clock this morning on the Pink Line and the Red Line retrospectively. Thankfully, I overslept this morning meaning that just as I was coming in on 33163 LR02LXZ (which now has NORWICH vinyls) I spotted 47507 SN64CRJ waiting at the other side of the road displaying 11 on the screen. I jumped off 33163 and sprinted on board and nestled in the back seat waiting to arrive at the hospital so I could get a few shots. The dismal weather didn't help with the outcome but my photos I did get are still publishable! Back in the city, I also managed to photograph the other one that is out today 47509 SN64CRU working the 23A to Heartsease. I'm about to upload our new fleet lists for December 1st, including our first Sanders list since May. Our FirstNorwich list will be held back by a day or two in order to give us chance to find out the remaining four registrations of the StreetLites, but when it is released it will be released alongside the return of our full Eastern Counties list. So remember to keep checking back in the coming days for more updates! You can see more photos of the StreetLites on my flickr.

47509 on Castle Meadow, with two drivers to the left looking on.
47507 turning at the Hospital.

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