Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Fleet Update ~ First

As reported elsewhere, the final of Norwich's B7RLEs, 69006 AU05DMF, will rejoin her sisters in Ipswich today and will then depart to Rotherham for a refurb tomorrow. The refurbishment program is nigh on completion in the Suffolk town and is thought that the fleet will be complete by the end of this month. 
69006 clining on in Norwich thanks to a rear advert for Easton College. Seen here back
in September working the Red Line service 23 to Costessey.
For the last couple of months, one of Yorkshire's Renowns has been on loan on to Great Yarmouth whilst 30888 W743DWX was on loan to Ipswich to cover for decker repaints. These are expected to swap today with 30888 returning home a lot quieter than when she left!

30888 outside Tower Ramparts bus station in Ipswich working her regular 66 route.
East Norfolk Bus Blog also revealed today the other four registrations of Norwich's StreetLites and the full list is as follows:

47507 SN64CRJ
47508 SN64CRK
47509 SN64CRU
47510 SN64CRV
47511 SN64CRX
47512 SN64CRZ

This has enabled us to upload our December editions of our FirstNorwich and FirstEastern Counties fleet lists which can be found underneath the fleet lists tab on our home page.

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