Friday, 5 December 2014

Fleet Update ~ FirstNorwich

The first ex-Lowestoft Enviro200 entered service today, in the form of 45119 RT09JPT. I was standing on Castle Meadow when 45119 rolled to a halt displaying the 13 to Attleborough, complete with NORWICH fleet names. However one of the controllers soon turned up and informed the driver that she was going to swap with the next Pink Line bus to come in, as that particular 13 would be going past a school just after leaving time and would therefore need higher capacity. With that, 32107 LT02ZCX rolled in on the 11 to the hospital. The driver was informed what was going on and swiftly boarded 45119 and changed the screen respectively. After photographing this event I decided to head down to the hospital onboard the Enviro to get some more photographs of it up there.

shortly after swapping drivers

seen before swapping, with Attleborough's passengers still on board.

32107 on the Turquoise Line

45119 infront of the large NHS sign working the 11 to Sprowston

reader and contriuter Michael also managed to photograph her at Roundhouse in Cringleford
It has also been confirmed that 45118 ST09JPT has been fitted with Norwich vinyls, whilst Great Yarmouth's 43860 EG53FGF and 43861 EG52FGJ have made the short trip South to Lowestoft.

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