Monday, 15 December 2014

Norwich Observations

After being away last week, I felt the need to spend a few hours in Norwich today to try and catch up with the local scene. I was aware of what had been going on but was yet to see these changes first hand.

The first thing I'd like to mention is that I was informed today that the remaining three Renowns in Yarmouth will be withdrawn and replaced with three of Norwich's Eclipses, which they have spare now thanks to the new StreetLites. Minutes after hearing that, I noticed 66333 MV02VBY drive past on the 14 with all of her Norwich identification removed, including above the door. UPDATE: Contributor Sam has since pointed out to Harry that 66333 was transferred to Ipswich earlier this year, which is why she's lacking any Norwich ID. So this may not be related to the transfers.

the ticker tape down the side, the fleetnames and the little speech bubble things have been removed.
I didn't notice any other's which had had the same treatment, though there are a few which have been debranded as reported previously throughout the last couple of months as it happens.

Once again, it was an odd day for the StreetLites. One was on the 14, one on the 12, one on the 38, whilst two were on the 11s, and the final one on the red line. The fact that I saw all of them means I've finally photographed 47510 SN64CRV and 47511 SN64CRX in service, as well as seeing and riding 47508 SN64CRK for the first time.

47508 on castle meadow operating the 11A to the hospital.
The reason I mentioned the one on the 38 is because the current batch of Optare Solos are being replaced by Lowestoft's Enviro200s. Two have already arrived and entered service in the form fo 45118 ST09JPT and 45119 RT09JPT. The latter entered service before the former, but 45118 has now received Purple Line branding for the service which was later confirmed as a temporary measure until they are repainted at the end of next year.

Purple line branded 45118 still carries her Africa Alive advert for Lowestof'ts service 99.
On the subject of repaints, two more buses have returned since our last report. 33003 LK51UZS is the first longer wheelbased vehicle to be treated and was in service for the first time today on the 36 between Horsford and Long Stratton. Ex-Yarmouth 32203 LT52WTJ has gone the other way to be added to the Purple Line fleet. 

it is still unconfirmed which bus will be the first to carry branding for their dedicated routes.
Meanwhile, 33237 LT52WVF returned from Simon Morris in Ipswich last week and was also noted in service today, also on the Purple Line. This was replaced by Volvo B7TL 32100 LT02ZCJ which is going to be the first vehicle to see the Turquoise variation of the livery.

this photo encaptures two of Norwich's new liveried buses and can be found on our home page slideshow.
And to post something that isn't First related, one of Norfolk Green's recent acquisitions was in service on the X29 today lacking any identification of ownership. Enviro300 27646 GX10HCC could be found operating Stagecoach South's coastliner 700 service in and around Chichester before her move to Norfolk, but now wears the Stagecoach variant of Norfolk Green's livery.

I haven't had a problem photographing the destination screens on any of these new acquisitions yet!

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