Thursday, 4 December 2014

StreetLite Launch

Harry and I were kindly invited by First to attend their launch event outside the Forum today in Norwich for their new StreetLites, but due to college commitments Harry couldn't make it in time. I could however so made my way to the city this morning. The launch was from 10-12 and featured two of the buses that are yet to enter service; 47510 SN64CRV and 47511 SN64CRX. They currently lack ticket machines but will be fitted with them over the weekend whilst the first two ex-Lowestoft Enviro200s will head to Norfolk to displace the first two Optare Solos. It is currently expected that Monday will be the first day all the StreetLites will be out, so lets hope the weather holds out for photographs next week! I have also been informed that NORWICH fleetnames will be applied above the windows, similar to those on the current fleet of single deckers.

the Lord Mayor of Norwich Judth Lubbock alongside Eastern Counties MD David Squire pose infront of 47510.
First had asked the Lord Mayor of Norwich to come down to officially launch the buses and she was very impressed with not only the buses themselves but the efford that First have put in to supporting the better bus area scheme in Norwich. 

It was nice to be able to catch up with friends at the event and meet a few of the names I'd been in contact with over the year face to face, including Chris Limbach, Lee Howes, Lucy Wright and the lady behind First's twitter feed Katie. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and hope it was the start of many conversations to come!

A cold but successful morning resulted in many members of the public asking about the new buses and commenting on how nice it was to see the fleet being invested in, and a number of happy enthusiasts being able to snap the buses for the first time in a place where they're unlikely to be again! Goodie bag in hand and photos safely stored on my SD card I couldn't wait to get back home to the warmth. It looks like Saturday is going to be half decent weather wise so will bring another report from Wymondham or Wroxham at the weekend.

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