Sunday, 7 December 2014

StreetLites Again

Please do let me know if you're now fed up with posts about and photos of the new StreetLites, however on Friday I jumped on one heading up to Wroxham to see if I could get any decent shots of it up there. Having observed the traffic in the city for about an hour, I was confident that I would also have the opportunity to photograph two others if I stayed there for about an hour. I was after a shot of it coming over the bridge, similar to one I took of a Konectbus Versa on the first day of their 53. That was back in September though and now winter is upon us, the sun wasn't being as kind to me as it was on that day.

47509 bathed in winter sun heading back towards the City.
Because of various buildings and boats, shadows were cast across most of the bridge so I had to walk a little further down the road to get a shot of one in the sunlight. Shame about the lampost shadow on the one above, although still a good shot if I don't say so myself! Just a mere ten mintues later, 47507 SN64CRJ came the other way but by then the sun had gone behind a cloud so I went back up to the bridge to catch this shot. Shame about the bright orange Cadet behind it, rather distracting from the main focus of the photo.

And last but not least, a photo of a StreetLite that hasn't yet made it onto the blog. 47512 SN64CRZ was also in service and was working the 12 to Stalham, alongside another new liveried bus in the form of 66332 MV02VBX.

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