Thursday, 15 January 2015

Two Wright's Don't Make A Wrong

This afternoon I headed through Great Yarmouth numerous times in order to get from home to college, back home, back to college & back home again.... Well, That isn't a mouthful at all!

I saw a number of rare occurences, including X1 liveried 37578 operating a BM contract this afternoon. When I thought things couldn't get more out of the ordinary, they did.....

FirstGreatYarmouth Gemini 32629 was on the X1 this morning (en-route to Norwich, through Great Yarmouth, at about 8:20). I just assumed this was to be an odd peak journey, but was shocked to see 32629 still out operating the X1 this afternoon (makes sense as 37578 was on contracts). Not only that, but we were soon on it's back, in convoy as I was on recently transferred 66344 on route 6. If only I had my camera, & that the lighting would've been better if I had done!

Finally, 60622 was on the 1A, 60618 was on the 6/7/5, 43859 was on the 7 this morning (swapped with a StreetLite through the course of the day) and 66341 was on the 8. 32063 was also on a Contract I believe, passing along Caister by-pass about 15:40

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