Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Change Of Scenery

 This afternoon, I was shocked to see FirstBus 66301, a Norwich based GreenLine Branded Eclipse, on the 6 to Bradwell. I'd assumed it had just had an MOT and had been pushed into service due to a shortage of fleet. But later today, I had a message from Danny Whiting (along with a photo) that 42921, a Yarmouth Based Dart, in service in Norwich on the purple line. Also worth noting today, DX57SXG & an Olympian on the college 881/882 this evening, 66341 on the 6 & 66344 on the 2 in Great Yarmouth.
© Danny Whiting

19:00 Update:
It's now been confirmed that 42921 is on loan to FirstNorwich whilst E200 44517 receives repairs. Doesn't explain why 66301 is at Great Yarmouth on loan though! See more on the ENBB

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