Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day Out ~ Part 2

We were very lucky upon arrival at Lowestoft. Within 5 minutes of alighting our Enviro400 on the X1, we saw both remaining Enviro 200s (longer wheel base than the 4 sisters now at Norwich), which luckily parked behind each other. These have to be my photos of the day.....

We then saw 32629 pull up on the 1, 30888 W743DWX on the X2, and 43466 R466CAH (which often sees use on the 881/882 college service) & EY05FYP 43459 preparing for town services.
33821 - still without rear branding
On the AnglianBus front at Lowestoft, solo MX58XDB has a new side panel, which doesn't quite fit the lines of the livery and is probably from one of its sisters.
43466 still sees use

Part 3 will show photos from Norwich, after catching the X2 there.

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