Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Welcome to April!

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Hi folks, and welcome to April! Unfortunately, we haven't kicked off the month on the blog how we would have liked, as I'm going on Holiday (good for me, not as much for you). Therefore, as a result, there won't be no posts on the blog until at least the 8th. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you can understand how difficult it is, seen as we're technically a team of 1 at present and I have my own blog to manage.

Anyway, now on the positive news. I'll provide a short summary below:
  • AnglianBus - YN55PZF, a Scania OmniLink, the most recent addition to the Anglian fleet, has seen plenty of use this week, as reported on fellow blogs. I really like how this bus looks in the new style livery and, from what I've heard elsewhere, it's a fairly reasonable ride, too! It's sisters are expected at the fleet soon, as well as at Chambers and Hedingham. 
  • Hedingham - YN55PZF has many sisters, as stated above and before on NBP. However, it's not clear yet whether this bus is actual similar. From other photos I've seen, the Chambers versions have White LED destination screens, rather than YN55PZF with it's orange version. Will the other sisters at Anglian be the same? Or is it just Hedingham? We'll find out in time! 
  • First - 32061 has seen plenty of use in it's new livery naturally, so far only on the 1, 8 or 6/7. 36180 appears to have returned back to Norwich. 32064 continues to operate with only half it's fleetnames. It's assumed to go back to Rotherham next. 
  • BorderBus - They've acquired another E200, MX12DYU, to meet the demands for their service which seems to gradually be expanding; The 146 timetable was changed not too long ago. Photos on Steve's page. 
  • Konect - reported elsewhere it that KonectBus will take over all 6 routes for the Park & Ride, with the Costessey Park & Ride route reduced. Konect will be gaining additions for its fleet when they take over the routes, whilst it's likely the current Norse presidents will be sold/withdrawn/transferred, just like the Agora lines a few years back. 
That was your latest news roundup! Speak soon!

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