Friday, 1 May 2015

A Change of Plan

Today I travelled into Norwich to photograph Norfolk Green buses on their first day as Stagecoach Norfolk buses. Although I wasn't expecting there to be any visual change, I wanted to do it anyway, just because. After seeing a Tempo drive past still in Norfolk Green's original livery, I noticed a bit of a commotion happening on St Stephen's Road. It was then that the inner photo-journalist in me was just begging to be unleashed so I abandoned the bus station and headed towards the lure of the emergency lights.

I won't display any photographs of the crash scene itself, but if you'd like to know what happened click here to go to the EDPs report.

Anyway, as well as photographing the immediate vicinity of the accident site, there was a huge amount of buses parked at the side of the road that had been caught up in the aftermath and so that gave me a perfect chance to take some photographs of buses doing weird things in some odd places, that probably won't happen again for a while. 

A cheerful First driver enjoys his extra long break whilst waiting for the RTC to be cleared. I made a promise that I'd make him the 'front page' of my blog tonight!
A line of buses in front of the old hospital.
This X1 driver got bored of waiting and expertly turned around with the help of the entrance gate!
I can report that the person involved in the accident was described as stable at the time in writing and the road was reopened a couple of hours after the incident. Also look out for my photos which may feature in the paper tomorrow! For more photos from the day, see my flickr.

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