Friday, 15 May 2015

Fleet Update ~ FirstIpswich

Ipswich based Volvo B12M Plaxton Paragon 20514 WV02EUP has now emerged from Ipswich's depot fully vinyled up for First's bus hire business. She has been painted into a purple-bluey based livery featuring gold logos and sister 20515 WV02EUR is expected to receive the same treatment. It is thought that 20514 will be one of the vehicles used to ferry either Ipswich or Norwich fans down to Wembley on the 25th of May for the play off final, alongside some of First's X1 fleet.

David Warren was in Ipswich today and captured the coach during the application of her vinyls and has kindly allowed me to display the end result here for your viewing.

To see the application process, see Davids photos by going to his flickr.

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