Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Market Gates Closure

Part of a road in Great Yarmouth is closed today due to roadworks to fix a piece of subsidence. But as a through road, this effected Great Yarmouth Market Gates Bus Interchange, as it's now called on the bus stands. Until the road reopens, buses cannot serve Market Gates main stops.

Jamie was at the scene not too long ago, aiming to get a few photos for us!

Yesterday, when I passed the hole was just covered by a few cones and a sign, but seems to have spread! (C) Jamie Skinner

As you can see here, buses bound for Gorelston, Lowestoft and Southtown stopped at the Troll Cart, the usual stop for National Express Services and the 2/4 to Barrack Estate. There isn't really much room for the buses, so I feel the drivers are doing well!

AU58EDJ en-route to Lowestoft. Thanks Jamie S (C)
I've never seen Market Gates so quiet during the holidays! 

Jamie Skinner - Copyright

Caister-on-sea & Northgate Street bound Sanders 6, First 1/3/4/8 and Norwich bound First X1, Anglian7 and Konect 72 will depart from Howard Street Yarmouth Police Station. Thankfully, there's a few bus stops here, but will still get busy!

Thanks Jamie for the photos. Copyrighted to him. The road is scheduled to open on, or before, this weekend.

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