Saturday, 23 May 2015

Radio One's Big Weekend ~ Buses Preview

As all us spotters who haven't got tickets gather our equipment for a big day out today, I thought I'd let you know what we might be in store for us today. Whether you are heading to Norwich further east to the coast you're in for a treat as buses have been drafted in and transferred elsewhere to accomodate the extra services for the weekend, followed by the trip to Wembley on Monday.

Norwich have gained four Volvo B9TL Wright Eclipse-Geminis; one from Lowestoft; 37571 AU58ECV, and three from Great Yarmouth: 37574 AU58ECY, 37575 AU58ECZ and 37576 AU58EDC. Going the other way are Gemini 2s 36170 BD11CFP, 36177 BD11CGF, 36179 BD11CDY and 36180 BD11CDZ. It is thought that the main reason for the transfer is the Wembley trip on Monday as the coastal Geminis have a higher top speed and can accomadate tachographs when needed.

Similar scenes to this, taken back in 2012, may be seen over the weekend. Norwich's 36166 BD11CFK on loan to Lowestoft
If you're heading up to Yarmouth, be on the look out for an increased amount of Olympians in service to cover for their buses which have been sent to Norwich, it  may be one of the last chances you get to see them all in one day!

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