Thursday, 9 July 2015

Yarmouth Updates

16:10 - Firstly, 30901 W744DWX from the First Lowestoft fleet is still on loan and has seen use on a variety of routes. This afternoon I saw it on the 6/7 routes.

Next up, Danny Beales over a First Bus has allowed us to use a photo of 32059 W218XBD. It's now in Great Yarmouth Transport colours and doesn't it look great! Thanks to Danny for the photo permission, which has the only only GYT livery bus in the background.

(C) Danny Beales
Today from 2:30 and most of yesterday, some FirstGreatYarmouth 2, 6, 7, 8 & X1 and AnglianBus 61 service(s) are diverting via Gorelston White Horse Round about & Church Road (road closure due to damage to the road opposite Gorelston Library).

Also today, 20122 P732NVG was on Driver Trainer duties around Great Yarmouth. I've seen a number of new drivers, so only assume First are recruiting and it'll therefore mean we see more of the Training Fleet... Hopefully.

Finally, P656UFB which used to belong to the FirstBus Fleet, which was transferred to Gorelston Fire Service, has vacated it's space at the rear of the Fire Station. UPDATE 17:00 - Thanks to Jamie Skinner who has confirmed it is now at Alpha Recovery awaiting scrap.

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