Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Fleet Update ~ Anglianbus

Hello! I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts recently, I believe this is my first post since 11th July. I'm still trying to juggle the blog with my job and figure out a way which means I can do both, and I believe I'm nearly there.

I see Harry's been keeping you informed of the main changes, but yet to be reported is that due to the arrival of Konect's five brand new Enviro400s for the 8, their ex-Anglian Versa's have now begun to be displaced back to Beccles to replace their Wright StreetLites, as the lease runs out next month and Anglian have decided not to renew it.

307 operating with Konectbus on service 51 last month
So far, 307 AU11ESG, 308 AU11EPF and 309 AU11EPE have returned and are in the process of having their new anglianbus vinyls applied, just like Solo 907 YT51EBF has had after returning from Chambers.

In blog news, our fleet lists are now online and are valid as of the 5th August. They will once again be updated on the 1st of September and again on the 1st of October.

Upcoming posts include, Part Three of our series looking at the current Park & Ride before the changes on the 7th of September, and a special report on Konect's new buses which are opearting on the number 8.

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