Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Konect Bus Update ~ E400

We cannot forget the introduction of the 5 Enviro400s at KonectBus. This will mean the older (not much older) sisters will be pushed into Route 2 and 6.

Back to the new E400s. Used for the 'Straight 8', between Toftwood, Dereham and Norwich, these deckers are equipped with WiFi, USB plug sockets and leather headrests. The buses, numbered 617 to 621 in the fleet (I believe), have a reduced height compared to many other double deckers in the market - this will help with practicality and low bridges/trees. However, we'll have to see how they'll cope with the taller members of public whom will sit upstairs.

Steve did a review on his page, which can be accessed here. 

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