Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Konect Express ~ E400 Update

1 day after the new Enviro 400s entered service with Konect Bus, 606 SN61CZW (an older sister in the fleet) has entered service with its new branding, for route 2/2A. Route 2 operates Norwich and Sheringham via Cromer before the same bus operates the 2A between Sheringham to Holt.

I confirm that the new Enviro400s for route 8 are registered 617 SK15HKA, 618 SK15HKB, 619 SK15HKC, 620 SN15HKD and 621 SK15HKE. 

Finally, whilst on the topic of E400s at Konect, 602 SN61CFF (previously in Harford P&R livery) is now in the KonectBus livery. 

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