Thursday, 20 August 2015

Norwich Park & Ride Special Part 3 - Postwick

Postwick Park & Ride is currently operated by Norse Eastern Ltd with a fleet of red and purple 2003 registered Plaxton Presidents. The reason for the two colours is that the route operates through the city centre to Sprowston Park & Ride, which we'll cover in Part 4. 

7160 PN03ULR is one of three red Presidents which operate the route. She is seen here entering the site.
Although Postwick and Sprowston are linked by the service, they are both registered seperately. Buses display the route number 606 whilst operating from Sprowston and number 605 whilst operating from Postwick.

7158 PN03ULL is painted in Sprowston's purple livery but is a common site at Postwick due to the linked routes.

The site is situated on the junction between the A47 and the A1042. The journey to the city centre takes approximately fifteen minutes, and buses run at a frequency of every quarter of an hour. It is the smallest of all the sites, with just 552 spaces. The first bus leaves at 0700 whilst the last one back to the site leaves the city centre at 1830. As with the other sites, there are also recycling facilities, covered bicycle parking and designated disabled spaces.

7171 PN03UMJ negiotiates the road works which currently plague the area.
As you can see from the above photo, it is not unusual for a standard liveried bus to find it's way onto the route. Norse operate three plain white buses alongside the three red ones for Postwick and three Purple buses for Sprowston, which will be the focus of Part 4.

Current Routes:
Part 1 - Harford
Part 2 - Thickthorn
Part 3 - Postwick
Part 4 - Sprowston
Part 5 - Airport
Part 6 - Costessey

New Routes:
Part 7 - Harford to Sprowston
Part 8 - Thickthorn to Airport
Part 9 - Postwick
Part 10 - Costessey

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