Tuesday, 8 September 2015

New Norwich Park & Ride ~ Photo Special Part 2

Following on from yesterday's post, I managed to get myself up to Costessey Park & Ride today to view the revamped services up there. 

The 510 operates every half an hour to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, whilst the 511 operates at the same frequency direct to the University of East Anglia. On the routes today was konectbus liveried bendy bus 804 BL57OXN and 637 SN65OAW. Also noted parked up at the rear of the site was repainted Mercedes-Benz O530G Citaro 800 BD57WDA.

637 incoming on a 511 to the UEA
804 about to turn into Costessey P&R
and picking up passengers for the hospital
637 returning after operating the UEA
repainted 800 seen at the back of the site, resplendent in her new paint job. Sister 802 also wears the new green livery
Whilst I was there, I was asked by a large number of confused passengers why they hadn't seen a 604 to the City Centre, and I had to explain that the buses don't operate to Norwich anymore. It seems that no matter how many posters, leaflets or news reports are put out, the changes still manage to escape the grasp of the general public!

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