Friday, 15 January 2016

Beccles Wanderer

On Tuesday I braved the cold to venture across the border into Suffolk in order to catch up on the local scene there. I hadn't been spotting in Beccles for a number of months and I was keen to photograph the new split 60 services, now lettered 60S and 60H. The 60S is named as such as it's destination is Southwold. Similarly the 60H's final destination is Halesworth. This pattern continues on the 60's Lowestoft route which is lettered 60J due to the bus visiting the James Paget Hospital.

The 60S operates four times a day at a frequency of every two hours up to 1556, so it's no wonder not many photographs have been taken of it. I wasn't there long enough to see whether or not the same bus stayed on it all day as I only saw one journey and that particular one was being operated by 960 AU58AKK, a slimline Optare Solo. I'm rather fond of this particular bus, alongside sister vehicle 961 AU58AKN because they both used to run past my house on the 004 pretty much every day before the route reshuffle took place in September 2013.

The 60H operates at the same two-hourly frequency as the 60S but has more timetabled journeys. Six to be precise, and I was in for a surprise when I saw which bus turned up to run it! Konectbus 901 VX51RJZ is reportedly on loan to Anglian however the vehicle, alongside sister 900 VX51RHZ are listed as withdrawn from the Konectbus fleet so it may as well just be a transfer.

Whilst I was there I photographed a number of BorderBus vehicles, including newest arrival 108 BB11BUS. Previously registered YX11CSV, the Alexander Dennis Enviro200 could be found operating for Whitelaws up in Scotland. I also kept an eye out for FirstLowestoft's offerings on the X2 and X22. A number of ex-Great Yarmouth based vehicles now operate from Suffolk however 37577 AU58EDF is the only to be given Lowestoft fleetnames as of yet.
So, all in all, a productive couple of hours and I'm enjoyed writing about the visit. Apologies if it's not quite up to past standards but please bare with me whilst I get used to blogging again.

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