Monday, 18 January 2016

Fleet Update ~ Sanders Coaches

109 in Norwich earlier today
Thanks to my Adam Wilkie, I can bring a detailed update of the latest ins and outs from Sanders Coaches. As yet unreported on this blog, the company have acquired three ex-London VDL DB250LF Wright Pulsar-Geminis, in the form of  LJ53NHN, LJ53NHP and LJ53NHV. The latter entered service last week and has gained fleet number 109, that of the ALX400 which has now been withdrawn following a fire last month. Other arrivals include two 70 seater coaches. Both are currently painted allover white but feature Sanders' vinyls so they are likely to stay in this guise. The two Dennis Javelin Plaxton Profiles are registered YU05ZKL and YU05ZKV and are both presumed to be ex-MOD vehicles as no record of them has yet been found; similar to the batch of four Plaxton Premieres which were acquired last year. These two coaches join Bova Futura BT08LCT which was also acquired in December. It was pressed straight into service devoid of any identity to take Norwich City fans to Manchester United in their 2-1 win over the Red Devils. It notably has a green and yellow interior!

1005 working at East Norfolk Sixth Form in Gorleston
More recently, Sanders have announced two more additions to their single deck fleet. 401 YH63CXE is the first to arrive and is another VDL SB200 Wright Pulsar 2 which used to operate for Fishwick & Sons before they closed down. I presume the second vehicle expected will be YH63CXF. Head over to our Facebook page to see a photo of 401!

The large amount of incoming vehicles has allowed plenty of the older buses to be withdrawn. On the coaching fleet, 1005 P767PCL and 1006 P768PCL are reported as no longer in use whilst on the bus side, the three long wheel-based Optare Solos 210 YK04KWA, 211 YK04KWB and 212 YK04KWC join Wright Cadet 213 X821NWX in the withdrawn section of the fleet. 310 T365JWA is also no longer on the road.

A big thanks must go to Adam for the information and the promise of more as it happens!

Just a little Blog update for you; the 2013 fleet list archive is now available. Click here to head over there now!

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