Saturday, 23 January 2016

Norwich School Trident

I went into the City on Thursday to pick up February's issue of Buses Magazine for a very special reason. If you're part of the Facebook or Twitter pages for the blog you'll know that I managed to get my first prints inside the publication thanks to the flash flooding that took place outside my house a few weeks ago. Anyway, whilst I was in Norwich I took the time to observe the bus scene and see if any buses I hadn't photographed or seen before etc turned up. I was about to walk back to the bus station to get the bus home when I caught a glimpse of the distinctive white Norwich School logo that's applied to the destination screens on their deckers. Thinking it would be the last time to photograph their old Volvo Citybus deckers before they're replaced, I took my position on St Stephen's Street, only for it to turn right and head towards Theatre Street! That was when I noticed it was infact one of the buses that are due to replace the old ones; Norse's Dennis Trident Plaxton President PN03UMD. I don't think I'd run so fast in a long time as I was rather knackered when I caught up with it but unfortunately I only managed this shot of the rear. She will be joined by sister PN03ULT which both used to operate Norwich's Airport Park & Ride serivce. They will replace H653GPF and H684GPF.

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