Thursday, 21 January 2016

Sander's Coaches Renumber Pulsars

405 YJ59AZA in Norwich today with her new fleet no.
Sanders Coaches has confirmed to me that they are to renumber their VDL SB200 Wright Pulsar 2s into the 400 series. We know that their latest arrival YH63CXE is numbered 401, so it is presumed that their second 63 reg vehicle which is expected soon will be 402. Today, I noted YJ59AZA which has been renumbered 405 from 228. If the numbering follows the order which the vehicles are currently in, then YJ10DJU will be 403, YJ10DJV will be 404, YJ59AZN will move to 406 whilst YJ59AYY will adopt 407. Please note that 401 and 405 are currently the only confirmed allocations. I will update you when more become available.

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