Friday, 22 January 2016

Sanders Renumbering Update

Thanks to a regular correspondent to the blog, I can bring you detailed news regarding Sander's latest arrivals. Firstly I can confirm that the second VDL SB200 Wright Pulsar 2 which is expected will indeed be YH63CXF from Fishwick & Sons.  On the subject of Pulsar's, here's the list of fleet number changes.

401 YH63CXE
402 YH63CXF
403 YJ10DJU
404 YJ10DJV
405 YJ59AZA
406 YJ59AZN
407 YJ59AYY

All but two of the Wright Cadet's have been withdrawn. 216 HE51BUS is expected to continue in service but 203 YJ03PKY will be withdrawn iminently.

On the double deck front, new arrivals LJ53NHN and LJ53NHP will be numbered 103 and 104 respectively, whilst sister LJ53NHV takes 109 which was used by ALX400 6546FN before it's demise.

Now onto the coaches, and a lot of changes have taken place here. Recent arrival BT08LCT will wear fleet number 805 which is now vacant thanks to CT05LCT being sold, and gain cherished registration YVJ677 from Dennis Javelin 1004 P55TCC. 908 536FN has reverted back to it's old registration WK06AEC whilst new arrivals YU05ZKL and YU05ZKV are numbered 1011 and 1012.

I've updated the fleet list to accomodate these changes.

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