Sunday, 21 February 2016

Anglian wave goodbye to the 85 and 86

959 AU08GLY next to a blossoming tree in Rockland
Yesterday saw the last day of operation for Anglian's service 85 (Loddon to Norwich via Surlingham and Rockland) and service 86 (Haddiscoe to Norwich via Thurlton, Loddon, and Bergh Apton). The services will pass to Simonds of Botesdale tomorrow, where it is expected their Enviro200s will operate the services.

954 YN57HPU in Bergh Apton on the 86
On Friday, I planned a nice little circular route which would see me photograph both routes in some nice rural locations, should everything go to plan. Luckily, everything did go to plan! With the sun shining, and my maths regarding the angle at which it would be shining done, I found various locations in Bergh Apton and Seething for the 86, and Rockland for the 85. 

I will be following the same route tomorrow, which is the first day of Simonds operating the service  in order to photograph their buses on it. The sun isn't forecast to be out though but I'm looking forward to sharing my results with you. Until then though, it's goodbye from Anglian to the people of Loddon, Surlingham, Rockland, Haddiscoe, Thurlton, and Bergh Apton.

Lisa waves goodbye as she drives past me in on Mill Lane in Seething
Sarah follows suit witha  friendly fareweel in Rockland

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