Saturday, 27 February 2016

Club Canary: Leicester City

807 sits in the sunshine at Carrow Road prior to departure
After hearing that one of Sander's new arrivals would be helping out take Norwich fans to Leicester today, I thought I'd head up there and see if I could photograph it, and take note of the other vehicles used. When I arrived, I was pleased to see not just one, but both of the newly acquired VDL SB4000 Berkhof Axial coaches. YJ12CHK is numbered 806 whilst sister YJ12CHX is numbered 807. Both retain their white paintjobs for the timebeing and are devoid of any fleetnames.

806 also sits in the sunshine, but not from this angle
In total, eleven coaches from Sanders made the trip, with their usual fleet of VanHools and Plaxtons making up the majority. Here's a list of the coaches involved: 801 YJ07JNO, 803 YJ07JWK, 804 YJ07JFV, 806 YJ12CHK, 807 YJ12CHX, 901 RDV903, 902 OGR647, 903 3990ME, 904 SGF965, 907 354TRT and 913 259VYC.

For those who are interested, Norwich lost 1-0.

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