Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rare Spots: January '16

I've decided to bring back a popular series which I used to write when I first started on the blog, where I look at all the unusual sightings from the previous month. I'll include vehicles which do not usually operate on a certain route, or routes which I've photographed that don't operate very frequently so they often escape the cameras. 

NJI8242 with the number 558 visible in the windscreen
I'll start with Belle Coaches. The Lowestoft based company operate service 558 between Lowestoft and Norwich via Beccles every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. One return trip is made so unless you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, you're unlikely to see it. It is usually operated by one of Belle's many Setra S315GT-HD coaches as seen to the left, photographed in Beccles doing the Tuesday route on the 12th.

What colour bus is meant to operate the 27?
Now to First. Not much to report here, apart from Norwich's Gemini 36180 BD11CDZ which was noted on Purple Line service 35 on the 2nd, which is usually operated by the fleet of purple branded Plaxton Presidents. More noteworthy however was the presence of Turquoise Line bus 66982 KX05MHL on the 27 route. According to the timetables, the 27 is the only non-coloured route in Norwich. However at the bus stops it is listed as Blue Line. Since this photo was taken on the 13th, a Turquoise single decker has been a common sight on the route so that's just confused me even more! 

Konectbus 901 operating Anglian's service 82
Over at Anglianbus the allocations seem to be so varied nowadays that I'm not sure anything can be classed as rare. The main news is the arrival of Konectbus liveried Optare Solo 901 VX51RJZ on loan which has been sticking to the less frequent routes in order to keep it out of sight so as not to confuse passengers in Norwich. I'm not sure how long it'll be sticking around which is why I've included it here. Other sightings include MAN EcoCity 112 AU13FBL on the 80/81 services on the 12th, whilst on the 5th, the usual gas bus operated number 7 was operated by 460 YN05HFF which is one of the remaining Scania OmniCitys, and also OmniDekka 556 YN55PZF was spotted on the 61 on the 26th.

Konectbus operated one of the old express branded Enviro400s on the Harford Park & Ride on the 2nd, in the form of 605 SN61CZV.

That's a might big vehicle to run a bus service!
Sanders take the award for the most bizaare allocation for this month however when I spotted 803 YJ07JWK, a VDL SB4000 VanHool T9 Alizee coach operating the X11 on the 21st. The route is usually operated by a single decker, with the occasional double deck-bus but this was the first time I'd seen a coach on it. 

That's it for January's Rare Spots, remember if you see anything which you think should make February's post, please send in reports, pictures or both to

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