Friday, 26 February 2016

Suffolk Norse to take on Anglian's 60J

SN56AYL on the 107 having just arrived from Gunton
Melvyn King once again pointed me in the direction of VOSA yesterday, in which Suffolk Norse have registered a new service. Numbered 108, the route will take over Anglian's 60J operating between Lowestoft and James Paget Hospital on the 28th March this year. From that day, passengers will likely be travelling on one of the many 60 seat Enviro300s which were acquired for school use, as they currently do on the 107 route which Suffolk Norse also operate in the town. UPDATE: Steve W has reminded me that the company also have a fleet of minibuses which often operate the 115 service, also in Lowestoft, so it is possible those may be used due to the low patronage of the route.

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