Saturday, 6 February 2016

Turquoise Line on the 27s Explained

© Grahame Bessey
In response to my Rare Spots post which I published a few days ago, I was contacted by a member of the team at First in Norwich who explains the reasoning behind the presence of the Turquoise Line bus on the 27. 

"The turquoise single decker normally operates an X1 relief from Dereham at 0750, and then moves on to the 27s during the day. Then it operates the 1645 service 13 to Spixworth and then spends the rest of the day on the 13A and 13B. I am surprised no one has picked up on it before now since this has been the case since the 4th of January. We have two turquoise single deckers but we cannot use both on the 13 because loadings are such that we need the double deckers on five of the six workings. The 27 doesn't have a colour, but we needed to use the second turquoise single decker somewhere so this seemed the best option in the short term. It may go back on Attleborough in due course but seats are more important that colours!"

He also mentions that the early morning X13 service from Attleborough is operated by a plain liveried B9 Gemini before starting work on the University services for the day.

Thanks to my contact for explaining this and allowing me to use his words on this post and to Grahame Bessey for allowing me to use his photograph. His flickr can be found here.

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