Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Service Revisions

Yesterday I wrote a short post about one of the services which is changing hands this weekend and today I will breeze over the other changes which are set to take place.

Sanders Coaches
Both services 157 (Bishopgate Circular) and 32 (Sprowston to Norwich) will be operated by Our Bus from Tuesday 29th.

New service 15 between North Walsham, Wroxham and Norwich commences on Tuesday 29th.

Service 60J (Lowestoft to James Paget Hospital) to be renumbered 108 and will be operated by
Suffolk Norse from Tuesday 29th.

Schooldays only Service 68 (Rackheath to Great Yarmouth Colleges) to be operated by Ambassador Travel after the holiday from 11th April.

Service 53 (Wroxham to Queen's Hills via Norwich) to be extended to Hoveton and Horning on an hourly basis, and to include Kestrel Avenue on the Queen's Hills side of the route from the 11th April.

New service 36 (Kings Lynn to Hunstanton) offers a faster option to their 35 service, reaching Hunstanton in just thirty-five minutes.

I have amended the gallery section to coincide with these changes, removing and adding route numbers and creating groups on flickr. Also, now inlcudes groups for Lynx's services 35 and 36!

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