Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fleet Update: First (UPDATED)

Great Yarmouth's 32200 this morning at Norwich
A number of withdrawals have taken place in both Norwich and Great Yarmouth, as part of the cascade caused by the new Pink Line deckers last month. As already reported on ENBB, two of Great Yarmouth's Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents, 32200, 32207 and 32209, have been withdrawn and are now at Roundtree Way in Norwich awaiting transfer elsewhere. They join three Norwich Volvo B7TLs which have also been withdrawn and await transfer. 

This makes the list of withdrawn buses at Roundtree the following: 

32103 LT02ZCN
32104 LT02ZCO
32200 LT52WTE
32202 LT52WTG
32207 LT52WTN
32209 LT52WTP

Last month, Tridents 33004 LK51UZT, 33007 LK51UZE and 33151 LR02LXK were the first to leave Norwich and are now all based at Great Yarmouth.

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