Monday, 9 May 2016

Paragon Transfers

20500 AO02RBY having just been refueled
awaiting collection to Great Yarmouth
A month or so ago, I reported that Norwich based Volvo B12M Plaxton Paragon 20500 AO02RBX was transferred to Great Yarmouth. Having been an official Yarmouth vehicle for some time now, 20500 will finally make it's way over to the coast this evening after having some extensive work completed at Roundtree Way depot in Norwich. The work finished off this afternoon with myself peeling some stickers off a brand new window pane. Once I'd done that, I managed to persuade one of colleagues to re-position the coach in full sunlight! She joins sister 20501 AO02RBY in Great Yarmouth.

UPDATE: Coach will now leave tomorrow. (10/05/2016)

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