Thursday, 26 May 2016

Presidents to Cornwall

With permission from First, I may now publish that eight of Eastern Counties Volvo B7TL Plaxton Presidents that have been stored at Roundtree Way in Norwich for the past couple of weeks will be transferred down to First's Kernow operations in the South West as early as next week. Employees from Kernow were present today to give the vehicles a once over and they were deemed acceptable and as a result were signed off.
32209 in Yarmouth earlier this year.

The vehicles set to transfer are as follows:

32102 LT02ZCL
32103 LT02ZCN
32104 LT02ZCO
32200 LT52WTE
32202 LT52WTG
32207 LT52WTN
32208 LT52WTO
32209 LT52WTP

A ninth will be coming from Yarmouth iminently.

For those familiar with the Cornwall scene, the guys from Kernow told me that they have six Olympians left in active service and they should all be withdrawn come the Autumn. As for the open toppers, they'll be replaced next year with lowfloor versions.

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