Monday, 27 June 2016

Blue Line Branding

Following on from last week's post showing FirstNorwich's 36166 BD11CFK's new paintjob, I have been sent in photos of her complete with her new branding. It is virtually the same as that seen on the Pink Line buses, but in blue! Route information sits above the door, free WiFi adverts appear on the upper deck windscreen and on the nearside rear window along with a circle which advertises the Network Norwich day ticket which is valid on all First services in the City. The rear window will play host to various different slogans, with 36166 saying "to catch gigging debuts, cruise with the blues!" The only difference is that the old blue destination screen surround has been kept on and utilised by placing a handy white sentence saying "to & from the city centre".

36169 BD11CFO is the next bus to get painted and it arrived at Simon Morris this morning. 36166 has returned to Norwich.

Photos by Mark Webster and Bryan Dickson.

© Bryan Dickson

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