Friday, 17 June 2016

Fleet Update: Stagecoach Norfolk

34700 received Norfolk Green version of Stagecoach's
livery, but is now being transferred to Manchester.
Steven Knight Media has reported a number of changes to the ex-Norfolk Green fleet at King's Lynn. The arrival of nine brand new Alexander Dennis Enviro200MMCs for the Coasthopper service has allowed a number of other buses to be withdrawn. Dennis Darts 34639 GX54DWK, 34640 GX54DWL and 34700 PX05EMV are to be transferred to Stagecoach's Manchester operations, whilst Optare Solos 47883 Y57HBT, 47885 AP02XOO and 47889 YN03NCY have been listed for disposal.

Similarly, Solos 47892 AU53KSO, 47893 MX54WMJ, 47895 MX55BXO and 47899 MX56ABO have been relegated to the reserve fleet. The 'Live List' has been updated to incorperate these changes and can be seen here. Alternatively you can access it via the Fleet Lists tab at the top of the page.

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