Saturday, 16 July 2016

Ipswich Buses in Great Yarmouth? Didn't Think So!

here's an example of Ipswich Buses' rather striking livery
It was bought to my attention yesterday (thanks to that person) that something rather peculiar may have been about to occur in our area. According to Suffolk-on-Board, who are usually very reliable with their information, Ipswich Buses will be operating the 81 service from the 28th of August this year. The 80 route will be withdrawn but the 81 will extend from Beccles to Bungay so only the Diss part of the section will be missed. 

After serveral enquiries, Suffolk-on-Board have confirmed that this was a mistake, and the 81 will continue to be operated by Anglianbus.

I have attached the original table below:

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